Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2013-02 Towards a Neural Circuit Model of Verbal Humor Processing: An fMRI Study of the Neural Substrates of Incongruity Detection and resolution 葉玉珠Chan, Yu-Chen、Chou, Tai-Li、Chen, Hsueh-Chih、Yeh, Yu-Chu、Lavallee, Joseph P.、Liang, Keng-Chen、Chang, Kuo-En article (1267)
2012-09 From Knowledge Sharing to Knowledge Creation: A Blended Knowledge-Management Model for Improving University students' creativity 葉玉珠Yeh, Yu-chu、Yeh, Yi-ling、Chen,Yu-Hua article (1372)
2012.08 化敵為友的「兩岸化」思維 周祝瑛Chou, Prudence article (783)
2012-02 論教育政策學之建立:以教育公平政策意涵之分析為例 陳榮政、Chen,Robin Jung-Cheng article (650)
2013.12 性別化學校的形塑過程:一個案例研究 李淑菁、Lee,Shu-Ching article (720)
2013.04 Tensions in implementing the 'energy-conservation/carbon-reduction' policy in Taiwanese culture 邱美秀Chiu, Mei-Shiu article (1141)
2013.04 雲端教育 周祝瑛、劉豫敏 article (707)
2013-02 教師專業發展評鑑實施成效之調查研究 吳政達 article (919)
2013-03 Validating and modeling technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK) framework among Asian pre-service teachers 洪煌堯Hong,Huang-Yao、Koh,Joyce H L、Chai,Ching Shing、Eugenia MW Ng、Li,Wenhao article (1199)
2010-03 The amoeboid neo-liberalism and the rising state commercialism in education. 陳榮政、Chen, Robin Jung-Cheng; Chiu, Shu-Fen article (1192)