Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010-04 Dissociated decision processes under time pressure in the Iowa Gambling Task Yen, N. S.顏乃欣Chou, I. C.、Kao, C. H.、Chung, H. K.、Yang, T. H. conference
2010-04 The FRN is associated with the expection Yen, N. S.顏乃欣、Chang, Y. F.、Lin, C. Y.、Chen, C. Y.、Kao, C. H. conference
2012-03 Memory updating capacity is the better predictor of multiplication performance than numerical acuity 顏乃欣Han, C. C.Yen, N. S.、Didino, D.、Butterworth, B conference
2012-10 企業主如何因應金融海嘯? 在於「競爭大未來」、「未來競爭力」與「高瞻遠矚力」 張裕隆 conference
2011 Location-Based Mobile Collaborative Digital Narrative Platform Lin, Sicai、Tsai, Tzu-Chieh、Chen, Sheng-Chih、Lee, Shindi conference
2011 Retrieval of Motion Capture Data Aids Efficient Digital Learning Chen, Sheng-Chih、Kao, Tsai-Sheng、Chen, Wei-Kuang、Hsu, Jui-I conference
2011 Continuous Archiving of Group Digital Photograph Collections with a MPEG-7 Based Crowd Sourcing Annotation Methodology Kuo, Pei-Jeng、Cheng, Po-Yu、Su, Wei-Chen、Chen, Sheng-Chih、郭正佩 conference (1067)
2011 A PAN Framework to Stimulate Creativity For Narrative Chang, Yun-Tai、Chen, Sheng-Chih、Li, Tsai-Yen conference
2011 Mobile Tour Planning Using Landmark Photo Matching and Intelligent Character Recognition Huagn, Cheng-Ming、Liao, Wen-Hung、Chen, Sheng-Chih conference
2011-12 DJMAMA互動裝置—數位音樂介面與數位藝術創作 徐幼庭、陳聖智、詹仕靜、林志傑、蘇瑋誠 conference