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2010・07 「領導競爭力」之提升乃「人才升級」、「產業升級」與「富國經濟」之關鍵 張裕隆 article
2010 Clinical utility of the Chinese version of the pediatric daytime sleepiness scale in children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and narcolepsy Yang, C. M.楊建銘Huang, C. M.、Song, Y. H article (1255)
2010 Treatment effects of gabapentin for primary insomnia Lo, H. S.Yang, C. M.、Lo, H. G.、Lee, C. Y.、Ting, H.、Tzang, B. S.、楊建銘 article
2010 多夢患者的夜間睡眠特徵與人格特質 盧世偉、楊建銘、羅孝穗、蔡明潔、楊建銘、Lu, Shih-Wei、Yang, Chien-Ming、Lo, Hsiao-Hsui、Tsai, Ming-Ceh article (696)
2010 Maladaptive sleep hygiene practices in good sleepers and patients with insomnia Yang, C. M.、Lin, S. C.、Hsu, S. C.、Cheng, C. P.楊建銘 article (1311)
2011 阻塞型睡眠呼吸中止患者情緒狀態與疾病嚴重度的關聯:探討自主神經系統即是睡程度的中介影響 吳家碩、蔡宜儒、陳濘宏、楊建銘 article (808)
2011 Psychological and behavioral factors in patients with comorbid obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia Yang, C.M.、Liao, Y.S.、Lin, C.M.、Chou, S.L.、Wang, E.N.、楊建銘 article (1271)
2011-04 The association of dysfunctional beliefs about sleep with vulnerability to stress-related sleep disturbance in young adults Yang, C.M.楊建銘Chou, C. P.Hsiao, F. C. article (1527)
2010 What subjective experiences determine the perception of falling asleep during sleep onset period? Yang, C. M.、Han, H. Y.、Yang, M. H.、Su, W. C.、Lane, T.楊建銘 article (1055)
2010 The threshold of wakefulness, the experience of control, and theory development Lang, T.、Yang, C. M.楊建銘 article (744)