Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 Using co-occurrence information to improve Chinese-English word alignment in translation test items for high school students Huang, C.-S.、Chang, Y.-C.、Liu, Chaolin、Tseng, Y.-H.劉昭麟 conference (688)
2010 Robust pupil detection for gaze-based user interface Liao, W.-H.、Yu, L.-C.、廖文宏 conference (591)
2010 Texture classification using uniform extended local ternary patterns Liao, Wen-Hung、Young, T.-J.、廖文宏 conference (680)
2010 Sentiment classification of short Chinese sentences Sun, Ying-Tse、Chen, C.-L.、Liu, C.-C.、Liu, Chaolin、Soo, V.-W.、劉昭麟 conference (589)
2010 An approach to discover and recommend cross-domain bridge-keywords in document banks Su, Yu-Min、蘇育民、Hsu, P.-Y. article (841)
2010 Moving Direction Based Greedy routing algorithm for VANET Jang, Hung-chin、Huang, Hsiang-Te、張宏慶 article (654)
2010 Direction based routing strategy to reduce broadcast storm in MANET Jang, Hung-chin、Hung, Chih-Chia、張宏慶 article (496)
2010 Applications of Geometric Algorithms to Reduce Interference in Wireless Mesh Network Jang, Hung-chin、張宏慶 article (854)
2010 Cookie-cooperative automatic repeat request for transmission assistance in VANET Jang, Hung-chin、張宏慶、Chuang, Sheng-Chih article (305)
2010 Aspect-oriented design and implementation of adaptable access control for Electronic Medical Records Chen, Kung陳恭Wang, Da-Wei、Chang, Yuan-Chun article (637)