Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 Type-directed weaving of aspects for polymorphically typed functional languages Chen, Kung、Weng, Shu-Chun、Wang, Meng、Khoo, Siau-Cheng、Chen, Chung-Hsin、陳恭 article (660)
2010 Team Formation for Generalized Tasks in Expertise Social Networks Shan, Man-kwan、Li, Cheng-Te、沈錳坤 article (728)
2010 Facilitating high school campus learning with e-book readers Liao, Wen-hung、Chueh, Chien-Pao、廖文宏 conference (619)
2010 Region Description Using Extended Local Ternary Patterns Liao, Wen-hung、廖文宏 conference (522)
2010 SemPIF: A Semantic Meta-policy Interchange Format for Multiple Web Policies Hu, Yuh-jong, Harold Boley、胡毓忠 conference (514)
2010 IWakeUp: A video-based alarm clock for smart bedrooms Liao, Wen-Hung、Kuo, Jen Ho、Yang, Chien-Ming、Chen, Ivy Y.、廖文宏、郭仁和、楊建銘 article (1014)
2010 Region description using extended local ternary patterns Liao, Wen-Hung、廖文宏 conference
2010 Using linguistic features to classify texts for reading comprehension tests at the high school levels Huang, Chao-Shainn、Kuo, Wei-Ti、Li, Chia Ling、Tsai, Chia Chi、Liu, Chao-Lin、黃昭憲、郭韋狄、李嘉玲、蔡家琦、劉昭麟 conference
2010 PeerIIR: Peer-to-Peer interactive internet radio system Tsai, Tzu-Chieh、Hsieh, Tong Y.、Lo, Wen Ching、蔡子傑、謝東諺、羅文卿 conference
2010 Visually and phonologically similar characters in incorrect simplified Chinese words Liu, Chao-Lin、Lai, Min Hua、Chuang, Yi-Hsuan、Lee, C.-Y.、劉昭麟、賴敏華、莊怡軒 conference (635)