Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2011.03 Monitoring and Diagnosing Dependent Process Steps Using VSI Control Charts 楊素芬Yang,Su-Fen、Chen,Wan-Yun article (785)
2011.08 Parabola Method in Ordinary Differential Equation 余清祥、Li, Meng-Rong、Shieh,Tzong-Hann、Yue,C. Jack、Pin Lee、Li, Yu-Tso article (1278)
2010.06 2010年各國人口普查制度之研究 顏貝珊、余清祥、Yen,Bei-Shan、Yue, Jack C. article (1457)
2011.1 Monitoring Process Mean with A New EWMA Control Chart 楊素芬Yang,Su-FenTsai, Wen-ChiHuang, Tzee-Ming、Yang, Chi-Chin、Cheng, Smiley article (871)
2010.01 Uniform Design over General Input Domains with Applications to Target Region Estimation in Computer Experiments 洪英超、Chuang, S. C.、Hung、Y. C. article (851)
2011.01 A Bayesian Approximation Method for Online Ranking 翁久幸Weng,Ruby C.Lin, Chih-Jen article (1080)
2011.12 規律折扣數列與高齡死亡率 王信忠、余清祥 article (448)
2012.06 A New Chart for Monitoring Service Process Mean 洪英超、楊素芬Yang, Su-FenCheng,Tsung-Chi、Hunga ,Ying-Chao、Chenga, Smiley W. article (900)
2012-02 Nonparametric Profile Monitoring in Multi-dimensional Data Spaces 洪英超、楊素芬、Hung,Ying-Chao、Tsai, Wen-ChiYang, Su-Fen、Chuang, Shih-Chung、Tseng, Yi-Kuan article (879)
2012.12 A Framework for Nonparametric Profile Monitoring. online publish 楊素芬、洪英超、Chuang, Shih-Chung、Hung, Ying-Chao、Tsai, Wen-ChiYang, Su-Fen article (1009)