Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2013.04 Split-and-combine singular value decomposition for large-scale matrix 曾正男、Tzeng,Jengnan article (745)
2012 Prescription profile of Chinese herbal products containing coumestrol, genestein, and/or daidzein among female users: an analysis of national health insurance data in Taiwan between 1997 and 2007 曾正男、Tzeng,Jeng-Nan、Wang,Jung-Der、Tsan,Shun-Hua、Lai,Jung-Nien、Wu,Chien-Tung article (994)
2012.01 An Asymptotic Solution for the Free Boundary Parabolic Equations 劉明郎、Liu, Ming Long、Liu, Hsuan-Ku article (1166)
2010.12 Does the digital natives technologies really help?A fuzzy statistical analysis and evaluation on students’ learning achievement 吳柏林 article (643)
2010.02 Numerical methods for solving fuzzy system of linear equations 吳柏林 article (978)
2010.03 Structure of spanning trees on the two-dimensional Sier- pinski gasket 陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi article (595)
2011.03 Asymptotic Behavior for a Version of Directed Percolation on the Square Lattice 陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi article (989)
2011.05 Asymptotic behavior of the gyration radius for long-range self- avoiding walk and long-range oriented percolation 陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi、Akira Sakai article (1119)
2011-09 Hamiltonian walks on the Sierpinski gasket 陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi article (835)
2013 Determining k-Most Demanding Products with Maximum Expected Number of Total Customers 陳良弼、J.L. Koh、C.Y. Lin article (914)