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2018 主觀評估能準確預測考試焦慮嗎?以控制-價值論為例 陳智修、Chen, Chih-Hsiu conference (37)
2016-03 中國大陸經濟何時落底? 朱浩民 article (441)
2018 不同群組學生之心理健康測量恆等性與差異研究 陳智修、Chen, Chih-Hsiu conference (37)
2010-06 「教育學導論」與教育學知識屬性─以德國經驗為例的討論 馮朝霖 conference
2017-11 「Giant Tree」線上學習遊戲平台(教學媒體競賽發表) 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、陳秀禎、劉曉錡、黃善禾、欒秉勳、李鴻亮 conference (12)
2018-03 Validation of the Short Self-Regulation Questionnaire for Taiwanese College Students (TSSRQ) 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、Lin, Yu-Ju article (223)
2018-08 Understanding the effects of online collaborative knowledge-building activities on pre-service teachers’ views of “Learning”: A case study using triple cross-validation analysis. 洪煌堯 Hong, Huang-Yao conference (178)
2014-04 The relationship between Facebook use and psychological well-being: An example of Taiwan college students Hsu, Wei-Hsin、Yu, S.-C.、Yu, Min-Ning、Lan, W.-P.、Shie, L.-C.、許薇欣、余民寧 conference (861)
2018-03 The mediation effect of mindful learning during creativity game-based learning 葉玉珠、Yeh, Y.*、Chang, H. L.、Lin, C. S.、Chen, S. Y. conference
2018-05 The Effects of Design Thinking Activities on Pre-Service Teachers’ TPACK Knowledge and Design Belief 洪煌堯、薛智暉 conference (171)