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1998-04 簡式通用性向測驗修訂之研究 黃國彥 article (1131)
1998-02 Placement of Partitioned Signature Files and Its Performance Analysis 沈錳坤、李素瑛、Shan,Man-kwan、Lee,Suh-Yin article (1178)
1998-01 Petri nets for Performance modelling study of client-server systems 陸行LUH,HSINGDING,JYH-HONG、LYU,JRJUNG article (1089)
1998-01 談兩性平等教育 陳皎眉 article
1998 簡式通用性向測驗修訂之研究 林邦傑、黃國彥、修慧蘭 article
1998 Rectangle number for hypercubes and complete multipartite graphs 張宜武 article
1998 Supporting conceptual and neighborhood queries on the World Wide Web 陳良弼、Chang, C.-S.、CHEN,ARBEE L. P. article (920)
1998 Calculation of Cu(001) and Its Computation Efficiency 楊志開、Yang,Chih-Kai article (1476)
1998 A database application generator for the www Chen, Kung陳恭 article (711)
1998 QoS routing in multihop packet radio environment Tsai, Tzu-chieh、Hsu, Yu-Ching、Lin, Ying-Dar、蔡子傑 article (791)