Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2013.07 Asymptotic enumeration of independent sets on the Sierpinski gasket 張書銓、晏衛根、Chang, Shu-Chiuan、陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi、晏衛根、Yan, Weigen article (828)
2013.10 Ice model and eight-vertex model on the two-dimensional Sierpinski gasket 張書銓、Chang, Shu-Chiuan、陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi、李欣芸、Lee, Hsin-Yun article (710)
2014.08 A monotonicity result for the range of a perturbed random walk 陳隆奇、Chen, Lung-Chi、孫嶸楓、Sun, Rongfeng article (768)
2014-07 Optimal decision methods in two-echelon logistic models 吳柏林Wu, Ber-Lin article (357)
2014-07 New statistical analysis on the marketing research and efficiency evaluation with fuzzy data 吳柏林Wu, Ber-Lin article (836)
2013-12 理性的判斷與感性的度量-從模糊統計的角度來探討試題難度 吳柏林 article (946)
2014-10 The space-jump model of the movement of tumor cells and health cells, 李明融、Li, Meng-Rong、Lin, Yu-Ju、Shieh, Tzong-Hann article (939)
2012-02 Synchronized oscillations in a mathematical model of segmentation in zebrafish 廖康齡、Liao, Kang-Ling、石至文、Shih, Chih-Wen、曾睿彬、Tseng, Jui-Pin article (1061)
2013-10 Global asymptotic dynamics of a class of nonlinearly coupled neural networks with delays 曾睿彬、Tseng, Jui-Pin article (906)
2014-12 The existence of traveling wave fronts for a reaction-diffusion system modelling the acidic nitrate-ferroin reaction 符聖珍Fu, Sheng-Chen article (976)