Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1984-05 Whose is the Bed of the Sea? The Problem of Continental Shelf Delimitation in Relation to Small Islands: Part II 趙國材 、Chao, J. K. T. article (377)
1984-05 A Study of the History of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in the United States 劉興漢、Liu, David Hsin-han article (364)
1984-05 Foreign Policy Behavior of the Republic of China in the 1970s: A Cross-sectional Analysis 鄧中堅、Teng, Chung-chian article (327)
1984-05 營業稅與加值稅 張慶輝 、Chang, Chiang-huei article (518)
1984-05 臺灣地區已婚者婚外性行為容許度之研究 李良哲;張裕隆、Lee, Liang-jei、Chang, Yue-loong article (436)
1986-05 現行農地租佃制度之檢討 殷章甫、Yin, Chang-fu article (479)
1986-05 日本式企業內部的競爭原理-組織的社會學分析 林顯宗 、Lin, Hsien-tiung article (552)
1986-05 台灣地區成年民眾電視節目收視動機研究 曠湘霞 、Sunshine, Kuang article (343)
1986-05 我國師範教育與中等學校師資供需之研究 嚴天秩 、Yen, Tien-chih article (390)
1986-05 第二國際哥本哈根與巴塞爾大會之研究(一九一0.一九一二) 段家鋒 、Tuan, Chia-feng article (344)