Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2011 Voluntary and involuntary spatial attentions interact differently with awareness 徐慎謀、Hsu, Shen-Mou, Nathalie George, Valentin Wyart, Catherine Tallon-Baudry article (1155)
2014.01 中共「十八大」黨政菁英甄補:預測、評估與反思 陳德昇、Chen, Te-Sheng article (1015)
2012.04 中國歷史上的『信心建立措施』:以宋遼軍事關係為例 丁樹範 article (622)
2010-12 整合理論與歐盟條約修改之研究-以歐盟憲法條約與里斯本條約爲例 盧倩儀Lu,Chien-Yi article (671)
2014.04 Same Evidences, Different Interpretations – A Comparison of the Conflict Index between the Interstate Dyadic Events Data and Militarized Interstate Disputes Data in Peace-Conflict Models 林義鈞、Carlos Seiglie、Lin, Scott Y.、Seiglie, Carlos article (1259)
2011.09 Re-Examining the Relationship between the Cross-Strait Interflow and Taiwan''s National Identity Preference 林義鈞、Lin, Scott Yi-Chun article (1052)
2014.04 博覽會政治學:中國治理周邊關係的新模式? 楊昊 article (994)
2011.03 The International Legal Status of Unrecognized Claimants to Statehood: A Comparative Analysis of Taiwan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 蕭琇安、Hsiao, Anne Hsiu-An article (1015)
2013.06 Idealism versus Reality: An Empirical Test of Postmaterialism in China and Taiwan Chang, Chun-Chih、Chen, Te-Sheng article (881)
2013.12 中國大陸建政初期的「黨政分工合作」模式之探討 趙建民、張鈞智、Chao, Chien-Min、Chang, Chun-Chih article (875)