Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017-11 Non-western visions of regionalism: China's New Silk Road and Russia's Eurasian Economic Union Kaczmarski, Marcin article (212)
2017-11 ASEAN's Relevancy to Asia's Regional Architecture 李瓊莉、Lee, Chyungly conference (115)
2017-10 Cerebral blood flow autoregulation is impaired in schizophrenia: A pilot study 藍亭Ku, Hsiao-Lun、Wang, Jiunn-Kae、Lee, Hsin-Chien、Lane, Timothy Joseph、Liu, I-Chao、Chen, Yung-Chan article (482)
2017-10 影響台灣民眾政治參與的因素:從公民規範認知的觀點出發 俞振華、Yu, Eric Chen-hua、翁定暐、Weng, Ting-wei article (500)
2017-09 探討以電訪資料 及「入選機率調整法」 修正網路調查偏誤的可行性 俞振華、Yu, Eric Chen-hua、涂志揚、Tu, Chih-yang article (260)
2017-09 Solving a Puzzle in the South China Sea 劉復國、Liu, Fu-Kuo book/chapter (341)
2017-09 Exploring the Use of Telephone Surveys and Propensity Score Adjustments to Correct Web Survey Biases 俞振華、Yu, Eric Chen-hua、涂志揚、Tu, Chih-yang article (349)
2017-09 Authoritarian Resilience Versus Everyday Resistance: The Unexpected Strength of Religious Advocacy in Promoting Transnational Activism in China Wang, Ray article (145)
2017-08 Evaluation of Presidential Candidates’ Personal Traits 陳陸輝、王宏忠 book/chapter (347)
2017-08 Political Left and Right in Taiwan 鄭夙芬 book/chapter (338)