Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2013.05 2012年總統與立委選舉之政黨提名、競爭與選舉結果 林長志 book/chapter (1976)
2013.05 併選對投票率的影響:因果效應分析 黃紀、林長志 book/chapter (863)
2013.09 臺灣民眾統獨立場的問卷設計與測量:以TEDS為例 游清鑫、林長志、林啟耀 book/chapter (964)
2013 臺灣東南亞研究新論:圖象與路向 邱炫元、楊昊、黃宗鼎 book/chapter (1282)
2012 Agent-based modeling of the El Farol Bar problem 陳樹衡Chen, Shu-Heng、Gostoli, Umberto book/chapter (1067)
2012 Agent-Based Modeling of the Prediction Markets for Political Elections 陳樹衡Yu, TongkuiChen, Shu-Heng book/chapter (1176)
2011 An Order-Driven Agent-Based Artificial Stock Market to Analyze Liquidity Costs of Market Orders in the Taiwan Stock Market 陳樹衡、Huang, Yi-Ping、Chen, Shu-Heng、Hung, Min-Chin、Yu, Tina book/chapter (1042)
2011 Bounded Rationality and Market Micro-Behaviors: Case Studies Based on Agent-Based Double Auction Markets 陳樹衡Chen, Shu-Heng、Zeng, Ren-Jie、Yu, Tina、Wang, Shu G. book/chapter (1304)
2012 Can Artificial Traders Learn and Err Like Human Traders? A New Direction for Computational Intelligence in Behavioral Finance 陳樹衡Chen, Shu-Heng、Shih, Kuo-Chuan、Tai, Chung-Ching book/chapter (1101)
2010 Does Cognitive Capacity Matter when Learning Using Genetic Programming in Double Auction Markets? 陳樹衡Chen, Shu-Heng、Tai, Chung-Ching、Wang, Shu G. book/chapter (1074)