Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 Special Municipalities and Regional Governance 高永光Kao, Yuang- Kuang book/chapter (1083)
2010 「病人」、「犯人」或「個人」?男性家暴「加害人」之再認識 王增勇、Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung article (876)
2010 人工濕地生態系統功能與經濟效益評估---人工濕地對台灣整體及區域經濟之衝擊影響及其溫室氣體減量潛力評估(III) 李慧琳、林幸君、高慈敏 report (458)
2010 「開放國會」與公民參與──國會資訊數位典藏與應用計畫(主題代號五及六) 顧忠華、陳建甫 report (405)
2010 環境正義視野下的流域治理---石門水庫集水區上游泰雅族部落永續發展策略之行動研究---以整合式空間資訊系統輔助流域治理政策之研究(I) 林士淵、黃灝雄 report (444)
2010 Do human figure diagrams help alleged victims of sexual abuse provide elaborate and clear accounts of physical contact with alleged perpetrators? 楊佩榮、Yang, Pei-Jung article (1248)
2010 Property Tax Inequity Resulting from Inaccurate Assessment- The Taiwan Experience 林子欽、Lin, Tzu-Chin article (765)
2010 Hesperian equatorial thermokarst lakes in Ares Vallis as evidence for transient warm conditions on Mars 林士淵、 Lin,Shih-Yuan article (1056)
2010 土地經濟學 林森田、 Lin, Sen-Tyan book/chapter (779)
2010 租稅法規----理論與實務 黃明聖、黃淑惠、李瑞生、Huang, Jr-Tsung book/chapter (661)