Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2016-07 Body image prevention in female college students: A dynamic movement psychoeducation program. 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin conference (52)
2015-07 Promoting joint attention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder: A dynamic movement-based joint engagement model. 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin conference (45)
2018 建立青少女身體意象之研究 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin conference (19)
2017.12 師資培育的第二條軌道:臺灣實驗教育師資需求及其培育制度芻議 鄭同僚、Cheng, Tung-Liao、陳嫺霓 conference (49)
2016-01 我國偏鄉教育政策前瞻分析與建議 鄭同僚、Cheng, Tung-Liao conference (26)
2018.12 混齡教學自主學習與社會利他行為之研究 鄭同僚、Cheng, Tung-Liao、徐永康、林忠蔚、黃淑芬 conference (57)
2016-11 A model of mastery experience in creativity game-based learning among pupils 林進山、Lin, Chin-Shan conference (20)
2017-06 Employing game-based learning to improve pupils' creativity 林進山、Lin, Chin-Shan、葉玉珠Yeh, Yu-Chu conference (47)
2018-01 Academics’ community engagement, teaching profession and satisfaction from Taiwan APIKS survey 陳榮政、Chen, Robin Jung Cheng conference (30)
2018-09 Comparative study on teachers’ professional development. 陳榮政、Chen, Robin Jung Cheng conference (14)