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2020-03 運用營運績效付款機制於社會住宅之研究 孫振義、Sun, Chen-Yi、楊宛真、Yang, Wan-Chen、鄒瑋玲、Tsou, Wei-Ling article (22)
2018-12 Low-Cost Indoor Positioning Application Based on Map Assistance and Mobile Phone Sensors 甯方璽、Ning, Fang-Shii、Li, Yi-Shan article (13)
2020-06 GEO‑pivoted carrier ambiguity resolution: a method for instantaneous ambiguity resolution in mid‑low‑latitude regions 儲豐宥、Chu, Feng-Yu、楊名、Yang , Ming、陳彥廷、Chen , Yan-Ting article (19)
2020-06 運用優勢觀點之社福團體的組織時間觀探討:組織文化的視角 宋麗玉Song, Li-Yu、宋冀寧、Sung, Chi-Ning article (17)
2020-03 The Agency and Well-being of Taiwan's Middle-school Adolescents with Disabilities: A Capability Approach Study 林宜輝、Lin, Yei-Whei、Chen, Chih-Nan article (29)
2019-12 婚姻狀況與體重變化的性別差異 張峯彬、Chang, Fengbin article (16)
2020-06 社會交換視角下的信任─性別與異質性的社會資本 熊瑞梅、Yang, Tien-Tun、熊瑞梅Hsung, Ray-May、杜業榮、Du, Ye-Rong、盧科位(Lu, Ke-Wei) article (33)
2020-04 The political economy of Taiwan’s regional relations 陳永福、Tan, Alexander C.、Ho, Karl、Clark, Cal article (30)
2020-07 A Note on Labor Share, Price Markup and Monetary Policy 朱琇妍、Chu, Shiou-Yen article (34)
2019-10 An Econometric Analysis of Hispanic Migration in the United States 林其昂Lin, Brian Chi-ang、Pan, Mingming article (10)