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2020-03 我國企業與勞工因應職場霸凌的現況檢討及作法 成之約Cheng, Chih-Yu、范淑婷、黃敏惠 article (11)
2020-03 管制居家照顧還是移工?香港 ; 新加坡與臺灣家事勞動法制比較與建議 成之約Cheng, Chih-Yu、許雲翔、Hsu, Yun-Hsiang article (9)
2020-06 Building Friendship with Boss: Strategic Prosocial Behaviors in the Agency Model 何靜嫺Ho, Shirley J.、Tsai, Yi Hao article (14)
2020-06 The Effect of Microinsurance on Insurance Market: Evidence from Taiwan 何靜嫺Ho, Shirley J.、Hsu, Hsui-Hao article (18)
2020-05 Can strengthening the local content requirements meet a government's need to raise industrial productivity and production? 翁永和Weng, Yungho article (23)
2019-12 An Analysis of Spatial Temporal Data 陳心蘋Chen, Hsin-ping article (25)
2020-07 Do Cooperative Based Learning Groups Help Students Learn Microeconomics? 陳鎮洲Chen, JennjouLin, Tsui-Fang article (17)
2019-08 政治人物經營臉書策略之研究:以第九屆不分區立法委員為例 蔡子弘、王光旭、陳薇丞 article (17)
2020-08 Using deep learning with convolutional neural network approach to identify the invasion depth of endometrial cancer in myometrium using MR images: A pilot study 董祥開、Dong, Hsiang-Chun、Yu, Mu-Hsien、Lin, Yi-Hsin、Chang, Cheng-Chang article (19)
2017-12 戰國時期族群思想初探 張其賢、Chang, Chi-shen article (4)