Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2018-03 人文價值為核心理念的學校:以泰國Sathya Sai學校為例 鄭同僚、徐永康 article (84)
2017-05 日本寬鬆教育對臺灣實驗教育的啟示 鄭同僚、徐永康 article (53)
2016-03 Multilevel influences of transactive memory systems on individual behavior and team innovation 紀博善、Fan, Hsueh-Liang、Chang, Pao-Fang、Albanese, Dale、Wu, Jing-Jyi、Yu, Ming-Jen、Chang, Hao-Jun article (11)
2018-07 A study of application of transaction cost and relational capital perspectives relationship between institutional governance and institutional performance: Comparison between Taiwan and Mainland China HEIs. 陳榮政、Chen, R.J.、Ho, S.H.、Weng, S.W. conference (10)
2013-08 美國 ; 英國 ; 新加坡教育智庫之運作與績效評估分析 陳榮政、Chen, R.J.、楊振昇 article (13)
2018-03 教師轉換型領導與學生就業力發展之研究:以社會認知生涯理論論述之 陳榮政、Chen, R.J.、彭耀平、何希慧 article (12)
2018-11 The influences of aesthetic life experience and expertise on aesthetic judgement and emotion in mundane arts 葉玉珠Yeh, Yu-chu、Peng, Yueh‐Yin article (7)
2018-08 Relationship between National Quality Assurance Agencies and Governments in Organizational Reform: Examining the New Role of Taiwanese Quality Assurance Agencies by Applying GGP and CHEA Principles 侯永琪、Hou, Angela Yung-Chi article (3)
2010 The Development of Student Learning Outcomes –Based Accreditation Model in Taiwan Higher Education 侯永琪、Hou, Angela Yung-Chi article (3)
2010 The Impact of HEEACT's Rankings in Quality enhancement of Taiwan Higher Education 侯永琪、Hou, Angela Yung-Chi article