Date Title▼ Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1988-04 An Economic Model for Vendor Selection 唐揆、Tang, Kwei article (346)
1988-03 An Assessment of Teng's Bureaucratic Reform: 1979-1984 李國雄 article
1986-09 An Assessment of Teng's Bureaucratic Reform 1979-1984 李國雄 conference
1984-12 An Approach to the Increase of the Performance of VLSI System by Implementing Systolic Array 楊立人、Yang, Li-jen article (508)
1982-07 An Application of Parity Progression Ratios to Developing Countries Shields M.、徐偉初、Vogel RC article
1986-03 An Analysis of Washington-Peking Security Ties: Gains Versus Risks Lee, Deng-ker article (316)
1982-12 An Analysis of Blank Verse from Surrey to Shakespeare 賴聲羽、Lai, Robert S. Y. article (557)
1987-10 Algorithms to Process Distributed Queries in Fast Local Networks 陳良弼、Yu, C.T.、Guh,Keh-Chang、Weining Zhang、Templeton, M.、Brill,D、Chen,Arbee L. P. article (1240)
1988 Agent of modernization: Television and urban Chinese families 孫式文Lull James、Sun, Se-Wen book/chapter (1388)
1987-02 AFTER THE FALL OF HU,YAO-PANG YU, YL article (254)