Date Title▼ Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1997 A General Semaphore Queueing Model 陸行 conference
1992-10 A Framework for Knowledge--Based Systems Verification 張宏慶 conference
1997 A Dynamic and Flexible Presentation System Based on HTML 連耀南、Shanon Jong conference
1995-01 A Development Framework and Verification Methodologies for Knowledge-Based Systems 張宏慶、Jang,Hung-Chin article (814)
1998 A database application generator for the www Chen, Kung陳恭 article (704)
1997 A Comparison of Join and Composition Operations 連耀南、Chih-Lin Hu、Chian-Yuan Chiou conference
1994 A Branch-and-Cut Optimizer for Process Planning 劉明郎、N. V. Sahinidis conference
1990 A Bijective Proof of Complete Binary Trees 施耀振 thesis (462)