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2021-12 Rally around the Jab? COVID-19 Vaccine Policy and Presidential Approval Rating in Taiwan conference (1)
2021-11 Do Waves of Democracy Matter? Comparing Citizenship Norms and Political Participation in Different Democracies conference (1)
2021-09 Media Use and Political Polarization in Taiwan conference (1)
2020-11 The Role of Polling in Taiwan’s Election conference (1)
2020-10 Presidential Approval Rating in Taiwan conference (1)
2017-03 The Rise of Social Media and Cyber Mobilization during the Era of Ma Ying-jeou conference (53)
2015-05 民主化與選舉研究 conference (44)
2015-05 臺灣選舉研究的回顧與展望: 民主化與選舉研究 conference (44)
2015-01 Estimating the Regional Effect in Korean and Taiwan's Presidential Elections" conference
2014-09 The Impact of Candidate Selection Methods on Inter- and Intra-Party Competition: A Comparison between Taiwan and Japan conference (54)
2011-11 評估「電子投票」對投票意願所可能帶來的影響 conference (609)(1195)
2011-06 網路民意調查的理論與實務 conference
2011-05 The Electoral Effect of Voter Turnout in Taiwan: Who Benefits from a Low Turnout in the 2009 Local Election? conference
2010-12 「感性」與「理性」的衝突?選民的政黨認同與施政評價 對選舉結果的影響 conference
2010-12 模稜兩可的選擇?再論台灣民眾統獨抉擇中理念與務實的兩難 conference
2010-10-30 Is all politics local? National factors in Taiwan’s local elections conference (2426)
2010-09 Who Wants Checks and Balances? Endogeneity of the Balancing Perspective conference
2010-06 解析2009年縣市長選舉:動員失敗還是政績太爛? conference
2010-05 Testing the Interaction between Economic Evaluations and Political Knowledge: A Case Study of Taiwan, Japan, and Great Britain conference
2010-03 領袖還是公僕?民主體制下的領導困境 conference
2009-11 測量選舉民調的機構效應 conference
2008-08 Issues beyond Independence versus Unification: Taiwanese Orientation on Domestic Public Policy conference
2005-12 如何利用全國性民調推估地方民意?多層次貝式定理估計模型與分層加權的應用 conference (1206)