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1997 Kernel density estimation for random fields (density estimation for random fields) article (318) 59 無資料
2003-12 A new approach of bivariate fuzzy time series analysis to the forecasting of a stock index article (619) 58 無資料
2002-08 A New Approach to Fuzzy Regression Models with Application to Business Cycle Analysis article (880) 47 無資料
2002-01 Using Genetic Algorithms to Parameters (d r) Estimation for Threshold Autoregressive Models article (554) 36 無資料
1999-03 Use of fuzzy statistical technique in change periods detection of nonlinear time series. article (247) 34 無資料
2007-08 On-line algorithms for computing mean and variance of interval data, and their use in intelligent systems article (567) 28 無資料
2012 Computing statistics under interval and fuzzy uncertainty: Applications to computer science and engineering book/chapter (591) 22 無資料
2006 Aspects of statistical inference article (1052) 21 無資料
2001-09 Detection of change points in time series analysis with fuzzy statistics article 19 14
2007 New statistical approaches for fuzzy data article (844) 18 無資料
2008-11 Evaluating forecasting performance for interval data article (621) 18 無資料
2006-11 Random and fuzzy sets in coarse data analysis article (682) 17 無資料
2004-01 The Use of Kernel Set and Sample Memberships in the Identification of Nonlinear Time Series article (517) 15 無資料
2009-05 Fuzzy item response model: a new approach to generate membership function to score psychological measurement article (739) 15 13
1999 Fuzzy/Probability~Fractal/Smooth article (905) 12 無資料
2008-06 Investors’ preference order of fuzzy numbers article (642) 10 無資料
2013-11 Identifying the distribution difference between two populations of fuzzy data based on a nonparametric statistical method article (1118) 9 無資料
2014-09 A parametric assessment approach to solving facility-location problems with fuzzy demands article (1224) 9 無資料
2013-03 Risk assessment of a portfolio selection model based on a fuzzy statistical test article (1268) 7 無資料
1994-02 Identification environment and robust forecasting for nonlinear time series article (545) 7 無資料
2007-06 On testing hypothesis of fuzzy sample mean article (456) 6 無資料
2016 Correlation with Fuzzy Data and Its Applications in the 12-Year Compulsory Education in Taiwan article (957)(356) 6 無資料
2001-12 On the selection of subset bilinear time series models: A genetic algorithm approach article (957) 6 無資料
2014-07 Optimal decision methods in two-echelon logistic models article (373) 6 4
1997-05 Kernel density estimation under weak dependence with sampled data article (220) 6 無資料