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2016-10 判定選舉預測市場之準確度:最適價格門檻、預測準確度與鑑別模型 book/chapter (496)
2019-02 Would IOET Make Economics More Neoclassical or More Behavioral? Richard Thaler’s Prediction, A Revisit book/chapter (302)
1997 Would and Should Government Lie about Economic Statistics: Understanding Opinion Formation Processes through Evolutionary Cellular Automata book/chapter (599)
2015-09 Trust, Growth, and Inequality: An Agent-Based Model book/chapter (578)
2007 Trading Strategies Based on K-Means Clustering and Regression Model book/chapter
2011 Toward an Autonomous-Agents Inspired Economic Analysis book/chapter (509)
2000 Toward an Agent-Based Computational Modeling of Bargaining Strategies in Double Auction Markets with Genetic Programming book/chapter (319)
2004 Toward a New Principle of Agent Engineering in Multiagent Systems: Computational Equivalence book/chapter (716)
2018-12 The Use of Contextual Knowledge in a Digital Society 專書篇章 (82)
2007 The Relationship between Relative Risk Aversion and Survivability book/chapter (814)
2018-01 The Oxford Handbook of Computational Economics and Finance book/chapter (252)
2016 The Missing Legacy of Herbert Simon in Agent-Based Computational Economics book/chapter (502)
2011 The Market Fraction Hypothesis under Different GP Algorithms book/chapter (998)
2010 The Agent-Based Double Auction Markets: 15 Years On book/chapter (1201)
2010 Testing the Dinosaur Hypothesis under Empirical Datasets book/chapter (989)
2002 Taiwan''s Macroeconomic Performance in the 1990s: An Overview book/chapter (1141)
2015-09 Spatial Modeling of Agent-based Prediction Markets: Role of Individuals book/chapter (560)
2011 Social Simulation with Both Human Agents and Software Agents: An Investigation into the Impact of Cognitive Capacity to Their Learning Behavior book/chapter (879)
2010 Social Interactions and Innovation: Simulation Based on an Agent-Based Modular Economy book/chapter (766)
2010 Social interactions and innovation: Simulation based on an agent-based modular economy book/chapter (641)
2016-08 Smart societies book/chapter (362)
2017 Size Effects in Agent-Based Macroeconomic Models: An Initial Investigation book/chapter (426)
2008 Scale-Free Network Emerged in the Markets: Human Traders versus Zero-Intelligence Traders book/chapter (940)
2013.12 Reasoning-based artificial agents in agent-based computational economics. book/chapter (1136)
2006 Pretests for Genetic - Programming Evolved Trading Programs: book/chapter (807)