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1996-06 遺傳規畫與科技預測 article (805)
1997-10 適應性學習與均衡篩選:遺傳規畫在整合性賽局的應用 article (565)
1993-06 論經濟學之認知基礎:經濟學之關於演化、資訊與計算理論的統合性架構 article
2006-06 自動化創新管理:演化計算方法的應用 article (609)
1995-01 空屋率的模型選擇及其穩定性:遺傳規畫的應用 article (672)
1995-02 後理性預期時代總體經濟學的發展:隨機逼近程式 article
2005-07 廠商創新與仿冒行為的演化--代理人基模型模擬與分析 article (1093)
1994-01 實驗方法在經濟學的起源與發展 article
2007-06 以決策樹之迴歸樹建構住宅價格模型--臺灣地區之實證分析 article (2060)
2012-07 不同公司治理情境之股權評價:類神經模糊專家系統之應用 article (942)
2012-01 Varieties of Agents in Agent-Based Computational Economics: A Historical and an Interdisciplinary Perspective article (1152)
2015-01 Use of Knowledge in Prediction Markets: How Much of Them Need He Know article (598)
1996-09 Understanding the Nature of Predatory Pricing in Large-Scale Market Economy with Genetic Algorithms article (516)
2004 Trends in Agent-Based Computational Modeling of Macroeconomics article (1407)
2017 Transitional student admission mechanism from tracking to mixing: an agent-based policy analysis book/chapter (376)
2003 Trading Restrictions Price Dynamics and Allocative Efficiency in Double Auction Markets:Analysis Based on Agent-Based Modeling and Simulations article (678)
1997-06 Toward a Computable Approach to the Efficient Market Hypothesis:An Application of Genetic Programming article (602)
2015-01 The Use of Knowledge in Prediction Markets: How Much of Them Need He Know article (311)
2015-09 The optimal pricing of a market maker in a heterogeneous agent economy article (384)
2008 The Future of Agent-Based Research in Economics article (1014)
2001-11 Testing for non-linear structure in an artificial financial market article (285)
2006 Stock Trend Analysis and Trading Strategy article (479)
2009 Statistical Properties of an Experimental Political Futures Markets article (751)
2004 Statistical Analysis of Genetic Algorithms in Discovering Technical Trading Strategies article (846)
2012 Special issue: Constructive and computable analysis in mathematical finance---the Festschrift issue for Prof Kumaraswamy (Vela) Velupillai---Editor's introduction article (520)