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2007 董事會特性與異常董監酬勞關聯性之研究 conference
2004 盈餘透明度、控制權偏離與財務報表重編 conference
2005 會計盈餘對好消息認列之時效性與對壞消息認列之穩健性的實證研究: 分量迴歸的應用 conference
2005 我國企業盈餘穩健特性之研究 conference
2002 從會計師破產風險分析會計師法律責任對於審計品質與投資之影響 conference
2014 審計品質的持續性與會計師聲譽的資訊性——會計師個人層級的分析 conference (242)
2004 博達案對會計盈餘穩健程度影響之研究 conference
1999 兩稅合一制度對公司屬性與股票報酬關聯性之影響 conference
2001 兩稅合一制度下股東可扣抵稅額揭露之價值攸關性 conference
1999-12 The Nature of Corporate Income Tax under Full Imputation Regime-A test of Functional Fixation conference
2005 The Effect of the Enron-Andersen Affair on Audit Pricing conference
2004 The Effect of Mandatory Audit-Firm Rotation on Investigation Strategy and Audit Fee conference (810)
2004 The Effect of Auditor Tenure and Client Importance on Discretionary Accruals – Evidence from Audit-Partner Based Data in Taiwan conference
2003 Production Efficiency and Strategic Outsoaring conference
2002 Mandatory Rotation and Auditor Independence - An Analysis of Auditor's Reputation Effect conference
2008 Information Asymmetry and Accounting Conservatism: Evidence from Taiwan conference
2006 Industry Expertise and Audit Quality – Audit-Partner Level Analysis conference
2001 Experimental Evidence of the Effects of the Incentive Design in the Value of Communication conference (1196)
2004 Discretionary Accruals Audit-Firm Tenure and Auditor Tenure: An Empirical Case in Taiwan conference
2004-07 Client Characteristics and Auditor Switch in an Audit Failure conference
2008 A Quantile Regression Analysis of the Economic Determinants of Bank Loan Pricing conference