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2017-05-13 歐洲聯盟跨市場動態關聯性之研究 conference (251)
2011-08 The interaction effect of user participation on IT service providing process conference (437)
2005 The impacts of national cultures on customer relational benefit - Loyalty link: A study of the chinese community conference (541)
2010 The impact of experience in service virtualization on travel intention - The case of forbidden city tour conference
2012 The effect of affinity design on review helpfulness: An experimental study of online passenger review in the airline industry conference (609)
2007-12 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Electronic Business conference
2014 Preface conference (236)
2011 Nurturing a thriving information systems discipline: A call to action conference (622)
2007 Measuring the Strength of Partner Relationship in B2B EC: An Exploratory Research conference (467)
2011 Measuring the core competencies of service businesses: A resource-based view conference (387)
2011 IT enabled service innovation in e-government: The case of Taiwan drug abuse reduction service conference (780)
2014-07 Investigating the academic trend of balanced scorecard from bibliometric approach conference (619)
2016-12 Information security challenges in the new era of Fintech conference (325)
2013 From structural assurances to trusting beliefs: Validating persuasion principles in the context of online shopping conference (200)
2010 From intention to use: A longitudinal investigation on customer readiness and facilitating conditions for self-service technology conference
2016-07 Exploring consumer value of cross-border online shopping: An application of means-end chain theory and Maslow's hierarchy of needs conference (252)
2009 Examining the antecedents of repurchase intention in convenience stores: A perspective of expectation-disconfirmation theory conference (445)
2016-12 Critical acceptance factors of cloud-based public health records conference (450)
2013-12 Applying customer knowledge management to alignment and integration of strategy maps conference (618)
2017-12 Adopting IoT Technology to Optimize Intelligent Water Management conference (211)
2014-07 A research growth of tourism innovation from Bibliometric perspective conference (504)
2013-12 A mobile museum navigation system designed for visitors' usability conference (523)