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2006-01 顧客關係利益之階層探析:方法目的鏈之應用 article (945)
2007-07 電子商務學程與產業需求之比較分析 article (603)
2009-07 雙人編程環境下人格特質與編程績效關係之研究 article (671)(440)
2008-07 消費者使用購物網站之行為模式 article (667)
2016-02 影響博物館導覽系統設計於智慧型行動電話應用程式之因素探討 article (296)
2011-01 影音分享網站使用者意圖之研究 article (662)
2015-04 家登精密--殺雞焉用牛刀,成本該算誰的 article (447)
2017 Weather uncertainty effect on tourism demand article (217)
2015-07 User adoption of wisdom of crowd: usage and performance of prediction market system article (566)(350)
2011-05 Understanding Web 2.0 service models: A knowledge-creating perspective article (816)
2014 The effect of philanthropic marketing on brand resonance and consumer satisfaction of CSR performance: Does media self-regulation matter? article (472)
2010-11 The Effect of Information Technology Adoption and Design Customisation on the Success of New Product Development article (676)
2011-08 The Effect of Channel Quality Inconsistency on the Association between E-Service Quality and Customer Relationships article (658)
2008 The E-Commerce Value Matrix and Use Case Model: A Goal-Driven Methodology for Eliciting B2C Application Requirements article (1264)
2008-07 The e-commerce value matrix and use case model: A goal-driven methodology for eliciting B2C application requirements article (978)
2002 Software process management of top companies in Taiwan: A comparative study article (501)
2012-01 Service innovation activities in e-government initiatives: the Taiwan experience article (665)
2005-07 Reverse Simulation for Collaborative Commerce: A Study of Integrating Object-Oriented Database Technology with Object-Oriented Simulator article (1075)
2001 Quality management initiatives in the banking industry: A meta analysis of Hong Kong and the UK article (727)
2001 Quality management initiatives in Hong Kong’s banking industry: A longitudinal study article (650)
1997 Perceived importance of information system success factors: A meta analysis of group differences article (505)
2001 Output-driven information system planning: a case study article (545)
2016-04 Nurturing User Creative Performance in Social Media Networks: An Integration of Habit of Use with Social Capital and Information Exchange Theories article (250)
2003 Multimedia learning system and its effect on self-efficacy in database modeling and design: an exploratory study article (605)
2005 Mobile agents in distributed network management article (405)