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1999-12 為密勒坎(Millikan)的目的論語意學辯護 article (417)
2018-05 Vascular-metabolic and GABAergic Inhibitory Correlates of Neural Variability Modulation. A Combined fMRI and PET Study article (249)
2012.06 Toward an explanatory framework for mental ownership article (784)
2017 Timing disownership experiences in the rubber hand illusion article (299)
2016 The Trajectory of Self article (254)
2018-06 The neurophysiological basis of the discrepancy between objective and subjective sleep during the sleep onset period: an EEG-fMRI study article (320)
2017-12 The neurophysiological basis of sleep perception during sleep onset period article (307)
2010-09 The Ethics of False Belief article (147)
2017-12 Switching to the Rubber Hand article (272)
2018 Strong Circadian Rhythms in the Choroid Plexus: Implications for Sleep-Independent Brain Metabolite Clearance article (299)
2011-02 Self-consciousness and immunity article (776)
2017 Rationality and its Contexts book/chapter (547)
1998-01 Quiet Qualia, Unsensed Sensa article
1999-01 Probation for the Propositional Attitudes article
2008-07 Pain Without Power article (1250)
2010-07 Mental ownership and higher-order thought: Response to Rosenthal article (484)
2010-09 Issues at the Intersection of Ethics, Evolution, and Neuroscience article (201)
2008 Higher-Order Thought and the Problem of Radical Confabulation article (599)
2001-07 Embodied Rationalism: A Critique of Embodied Cognitive Science article
2017 Chapter 7 - Is Depressive Rumination Rational? article (387)
2017 Chapter 1 - Rationality and its Contexts article (423)
2017-01 Cerebral blood flow autoregulation is impaired in schizophrenia: A pilot study article (330)
2017-10 Cerebral blood flow autoregulation is impaired in schizophrenia: A pilot study article (504)
2011-10 Action-Induced Rubber Hand Illusion article (1238)
2018-02 Abnormal Resting-State Connectivity in a Substantia Nigra-Related Striato-Thalamo-Cortical Network in a Large Sample of First-Episode Drug-Naïve Patients With Schizophrenia. article (630)