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1999-03 複合型隨意行動電腦網路之架構與研究議題 conference
2012-10 行動數位時代的故宮文物展教系統 conference (216)
2000-03 無線應用協定簡介 conference
2010-12 新的使用者體驗:以行動傳播為例 conference
2000-03 地震災區黃金救難時間行動資訊系統 conference
2003 Wireless Network Bandwidth Control conference
2001 Wireless DiffServ Support conference
2016-05 U-art: Your art and ubiquitous art conference (495)
2006-01 Token Bucket Based CAC and Packet Scheduling for IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access Networks conference
1997 The effect of radio propagation on multimedia,mobile,multihop networks:models and countermeasures conference (1146)
2016-09 Step in and out of the Dreams: Toward an Immersive and Interactive Virtual Experience of Dreams conference (203)
2016-09 Step in and out of the dreams: Toward an immersive and interactive virtual experience of dreams conference (343)
2007-07 Routing and Admission Control in IEEE 802.16 Distributed Mesh Networks conference
2009-06 Rescue Information System for Earthquake Disasters Based on MANET Emergency Communication Platform conference (403)
2006-01 Reducing Calibration Effort for WLAN Location System using Segment Technique with Autocorrelation conference
2006-06 Reducing Calibration Effort for WLAN Location and Tracking System using Segment Technique conference
2009-10 Quality-Aware Multiple Backbone Construction on Multi-interface Wireless Mesh Networks for P2P Streaming conference
1997 QoS routing performance in a multihop,multimedia,wireless network conference
2000-03 Qos Experiment and prototyping for a Hybrid Ad Hoc Mobile Computer Network conference
2004-12 Pricing-Enabled QoS Guarantee For Differentiated Service Network conference
2008-06 Personalized Emotion Recognition System with Physiological Signals conference
2004-12 Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11e EDCA conference
2010 PeerIIR: Peer-to-Peer interactive internet radio system conference
2008-11 On-line Emotion Dimensional Recognition System by Physiological Signals conference
1999 Network Issues and Implementation for a Mobile Police Information System (MPIS) conference