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2000-06 郵局經營服務指標之初探 conference
2002-05 計算封閉式佇列網路的新方法 conference
2008 Using a Proactive Peer-to-Peer Traffic Control to Deliver Large Contents within a Large-Scaled Organization conference
2007-08 Using a Managed Peer-to-Peer Protocol to Deliver Files within an Organization conference
2007 Two-Phase Modeling of QoS Routing in Communication Networks conference
1995 Threshold Control Policies for An M/M/N Heterogeneous Server System conference
1999 The Output process of the queueing system GI/G/1 conference
2002-12 The Output Process of Em/Ek/1 conference
2000 The Idle Time Approximation of Light Traffic in A GI/G/1 Queue conference
2004 The Idle Period Distributions in GI/G/1 Queues conference
2001-07 The Covariance Structure of the Departure Process from GI/G/1 Queues with Finite Capacities conference
2002-06 The Correlation Structure of the Output Process in E_k/E_m/1 conference
2001 The Correlation Structure of the Output Process in E_k/E_m/1 conference
2001 The Correlation Structure of the Output Process in A Single Server Queue with Phase-Type Interarrival Times conference
1999 Stationary Probabilities of Queues in Series conference
2004-07 Solving PH\PH\C Queues by Using Characteristic Roots in Matrix Analytic Methods conference
2002-07 Solving A Closed Queueing Network--A New Approach conference
2005 Queue Management with Various Aspects of Waiting conference
2005 Proportional Bandwidth Allocation for Unicasting in All-IP Networks conference (1008)
2000-04 Product-Form Solutions in A Multi-Server Queueing System conference
2000-07 Probability distribution in product-form of tandem queues conference
2009-09 Proactive peer-to-peer traffic control when delivering large amounts of content within a large-scale organization conference (632)
1999 Optimality Conditions Of Arrival Selection In Tandem Queues With Constant Service Times conference
2006-11 Optimal Path Selection on Stochastic Networks conference
2008-10 O.R. Applications in Healthcare--An Example of Cost-Effectiveness Studies for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus conference