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2020-02 農糧財團崛起下的中國大陸糧食安全治理 article (47)
2017-09 聯合國糧食議題安全化內容與中國糧食安全治理機制 article (115)
2013 患總體安全,更患個體安全:中國大陸糧食安全的治理機制 report (298)
2020-01 台灣糧食主權運動與台灣農村陣線 conference
2005.1 台灣國家能力與國家認同之關係(1990-2000) book/chapter (703)(1066)
2009-02 全球毒品交易黑幕 (譯) book/chapter (320)
2021-04 全球南方發展與第三波區域主義 conference (50)
2017-06 中国環境ガバナンスにおけるメカニズム の変遷と継続―外交・内政・党建設からの分析― article (53)
2003 一九九0年代以來的台灣國家能力與國家認同之關係 thesis (1653)(1646)(1889)(1774)(3083)(9367)(11210)(2624)(5732)(2313)(2648)
2015-02 Weighing up Market Mechanism and Regulated Distribution: China’s Dream to Feed Itself under Spatially-imbalanced Development book/chapter (927)
2017-10 Transnational Farmland Acquisition in the International Political Economy: Towards a Better Understanding of Theory, Approach, and Governance article (319)
2017-10 The Evolution of Food Security Governance and Food Sovereignty Movement in China: An Analysis from the World Society Theory article (530)
2020-11 Taiwan’s Food Sovereignty Movement and Third Regionalism conference (40)
2017-01 State Capitalism and Chinese Food Security Governance article (408)
2017-09 Securitization of Food Issues in the UN and China's Food Security Governance article (272)
2014.04 Same Evidences, Different Interpretations – A Comparison of the Conflict Index between the Interstate Dyadic Events Data and Militarized Interstate Disputes Data in Peace-Conflict Models article (1363)
2022 Restoring the State back to Food Regime Theory: China’s Agribusiness Investment in the Global Soybean Commodity Chain article (33)
2011.09 Reorienting Taiwan into the Chinese Orbit: Power Analysis of China''s Rise in Promotion of China''s One-China Principle in International Structures article (1013)
2011.09 Re-Examining the Relationship between the Cross-Strait Interflow and Taiwan''s National Identity Preference article (1083)
2013-12 Growing Global Civil Society Complements Global Environmental Governance: Lessons Learned from the Lancang/Mekong Dam Projects article (240)
2013.12 Growing Global Civil Society Complements Global Environmental Governance: Lessons learned from the Issue of the Lancang/Mekong Dam Projects article (1421)
2009.12 Globalization, the State, and Cross-Strait Relations: Scenarios for Taiwan article (1374)
2015-09 From Self-Sufficiency to Self-Supporting: China's Food Security under Overseas Farmland Investment and International Norms article (461)
2014.07 Defence Expenditures: Theory and Empirics book/chapter (1249)
2021-03 COVID-19 疫情下的全球糧食安全 article (89)