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2015 起始運動方向與投球程序對幼兒重力偏誤的影響 article (547)
2015-06 起始運動方向與投球程序對幼兒重力偏誤的影響 article (363)
2015-08 嬰兒的選擇性模仿:動作─效果整合或目的推理? article (1373)
2015-07 前置意圖與因果理解對幼兒觀察學習他人錯誤的影響 article (406)
2017-003 二歲幼兒在工具使用情境下的觀察學習:模仿與仿效 article (154)
2017-05 二歲幼兒在工具使用情境下的觀察學習:模仿與仿效 article (185)
2013-02 三歲幼兒的認知轉換:刺激熟悉度與命名方式在向度改變卡片分類作業的角色 article (856)
2013.06 三歲幼兒的認知彈性:刺激熟悉度與命名方式在向度改變卡片分類作業的角色 article (1013)
2017 Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Imitate in the Context of others’ prior intention article (556)
2006.01 Preschoolers' behavioural reenactment of "failed attempts": The roles of intention-reading, emulation and mimicry article (768)
2012.05 Outcome-based observational learning in human infants article (1036)
2002.09 Infants' behavioral reenactment of 'failed attempts' : exploring the roles of emulation learning, stimulus enhancement, and understanding of intentions. article (730)
2006.03 Infants' and Preschoolers' Imitation of Object Manipulation: The Influences of Movement Path, Perceptual Saliency, and Task Constraints article (784)
2005.11 Gradations of emulation learning in infants’ imitation of actions on objects article (818)
2002 Delineating the role of stimulus enhancement and emulation learning in the behavioural re-enactment paradigm article (499)(855)
2013-05 Contexts of a persons's prior intentions facilitate observational learning in 2.5-year-old children article (871)
2006.01 Action representation in object-related imitation in infants and preschoolers: A preliminary study article (1635)