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2014-12 關聯式文本探勘資訊探索實驗平台設計─以「二二八事件臺灣本地新聞史料彙編」為例 conference (75)
2014-12 數位人文脈絡下的史學應用研究─《自由中國》內涵之檢證與詮釋 conference (68)
2012 Visualization on Financial Terms via Risk Ranking from Financial Reports conference (386)
2013-10 Using emotional context from article for contextual music recommendation conference (1098)
2015-06 Social Influencer Analysis with Factorization Machines conference (360)
2016-09 Query-based Music Recommendations via Preference Embedding conference (287)
2016-09 Query-based music recommendations via preference embedding conference (329)
2015 On the Construction and Analysis of Financial Time-Series-Oriented Lexicons conference (283)
2011 NTU Approaches to Subtopic Mining and Document Ranking at NTCIR-9 Intent Task conference (272)
2013 Music recommendation based on multiple contextual similarity information conference (930)
2014-12 Leverage Item Popularity and Recommendation Quality via Cost-sensitive Factorization Machines conference (883)
2017-08 ICE: Item Concept Embedding via Textual Information conference (253)
2013-10 Financial Sentiment Analysis for Risk Prediction conference (315)
2014-10 Financial Keyword Expansion via Continuous Word Vector Representations conference (266)
2016-10 FIN10K: A Web-based Information System for Financial Report Analysis and Visualization conference (225)
2015-09 Exploiting Latent Social Listening Representations for Music Recommendations conference (603)
2016-09 Dish Discovery via Word Embeddings on Restaurant Reviews conference (116)
2012 Discovering Leaders from Social Network by Action Cascade conference (344)
2014-07 Corporate Default Prediction via Deep Learning conference (404)