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2012 股票分割的資訊內涵 report (260)
2013 股票分割的資訊內涵 report (480)
2014 私募基金與高收益債券長期績效 report (581)
2013 私募基金與高收益債券長期績效 report (325)
2003 When will the controlling shareholder expropriate investors? Cash flow right and investment opportunity perspectives article (1095)
2017 What do stock price levels tell us about the firms? article (283)
2017-10 What do Stock Price Levels Tell us about The Firms? article (398)
2008-03 The IPO Derby: Are There Consistent Losers and Winners on This Track? article (978)
2015-12 The Information Content of R&D reductions article (390)
2015-12 The Information Content of R article (397)
2004 The Accrual Effect on Future Earnings article (1528)
2015-01 Stock Market Valuation of R&D Expenditure: The Role of Corporate Governance article (989)
2010.04 Share Repurchases as a Tool to Mislead Investors article (1143)
2018-01 Share Pledgpes and Margin Call Pressure article (58)
2016-01 Share Pledges and Margin Call Pressure conference (137)
2018-08 Risk and performance of bonds sponsored by private equity firms article (424)
2019-09 Returns to Scale and Asset Prices article (62)
2009-11 Returns to Scale and Asset Prices article (43)
2019-05 Peer Effects on Corporate Cash Holdings article (49)
2013-04 Motivation for Repurchases: A Life Cycle Explanation article (1185)
2004 Market-based Evaluation for Models to Predict Bond Ratings article (1075)
2017-06 Limits-to-arbitrage, investment frictions, and innovation anomalies article (289)
2012-02 Informed Traders: Linking Legal Insider Trading and Share Repurchases article (865)
2014-02 Informational Content of Options Trading on Acquirer Announcement Return article (1001)
2018-09 Information Content of Offer Date Revelations: A Fresh Look at Seasoned Equity Offerings article (198)