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2021-04 國小學生進行知識翻新活動以集體共構達悟族大船文化知識 article (10)
2020-11 The Effect of Pre-Service Teacher’s Knowledge-Building Activities on their TPACK Knowledge and Design Belief conference (6)
2020-06 Investigating Teachers' Design Vitality With Design Thinking Engagement and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge conference (127)
2020-06 Advancing Third Graders' Reading Comprehension through Collaborative Knowledge Building: A Comparative Study in Taiwan article (44)
2019-12 Developing effective knowledge-building environments through constructivist teaching beliefs and technology-integration knowledge: A survey of middle-school teachers in northern Taiwan article (42)
2019-11 Conceptualizing design thinking as a knowledge creation model in teaching context conference (6)
2019-11 Exploring the relationship between preservice teacher's design behaviours and their design belief conference (7)
2019-11 The Discourse of Preservice Teachers on Designing an Online Learning Course conference (4)
2019-08 運用電腦支援合作知識創新環境以提昇小學生的數位閱讀素養(2/2) report
2019-08 合作知識創新科技對學生圖像素養與寫作能力之影響 (1/3) report
2019-08 運用電腦支援合作知識創新環境以提昇小學生的數位閱讀素養(2/2) report
2019-08 知識創新教育的研究心路歷程 article (93)
2019-08 Fostering college students’ design thinking capacity in a knowledge building environment article (85)
2019-06 Advancing Elementary Students’ Reading Comprehension Scores Through Knowledge Building. conference (34)
2018-12 Fostering design-oriented collective reflection among preservice teachers through principle-based knowledge building activities article (197)
2018-11 STEM Education in Asia Pacific: Challenges and Development. article (34)
2018-10 Integrated STEM Learning in an Idea-centered Knowledge-building Environment article (38)
2018-08 Understanding the effects of online collaborative knowledge-building activities on pre-service teachers’ views of “Learning”: A case study using triple cross-validation analysis. conference (190)
2018-08 Learning Analytics: Approaches and Cases from Asia book/chapter (171)
2018-08 運用電腦支援合作知識創新環境以提昇小學生的數位閱讀素養(1/2) report
2018-08 運用電腦支援合作知識創新環境以提昇小學生的數位閱讀素養(1/2) report
2018-06 Elementary students enhancing their understanding of energy-saving through idea-centered collaborative knowledge-building scaffolds and activities article (288)
2018-06 Improving Elementary Students’ Literacy through Knowledge Building. conference (159)
2018-06 Elementary Students Enhancing their Understanding of Energy-Saving through Collaborative Knowledge-Building Activities article (39)
2018-05 The Effects of Design Thinking Activities on Pre-Service Teachers’ TPACK Knowledge and Design Belief conference (186)