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2020-11 The Effect of Pre-Service Teacher’s Knowledge-Building Activities on their TPACK Knowledge and Design Belief conference (23)
2020-06 Investigating Teachers' Design Vitality With Design Thinking Engagement and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge conference (164)
2019-11 Conceptualizing design thinking as a knowledge creation model in teaching context conference (25)
2019-11 Exploring the relationship between preservice teacher's design behaviours and their design belief conference (36)
2019-11 The Discourse of Preservice Teachers on Designing an Online Learning Course conference (23)
2019-06 Advancing Elementary Students’ Reading Comprehension Scores Through Knowledge Building. conference (44)
2018-08 Understanding the effects of online collaborative knowledge-building activities on pre-service teachers’ views of “Learning”: A case study using triple cross-validation analysis. conference (197)
2018-06 Improving Elementary Students’ Literacy through Knowledge Building. conference (164)
2018-05 The Effects of Design Thinking Activities on Pre-Service Teachers’ TPACK Knowledge and Design Belief conference (192)
2016-06 Effects of Knowledge Building Pedagogy on High School Students' Learning Perception and English Composition Performance conference (359)
2016-06 Fostering more informed epistemic views among students through knowledge building conference (469)
2016-06 Effects of knowledge building activities on student' writing performance conference (444)
2014-12 Fostering change of views of the nature of scientific theories in a CSCL environment conference (1059)
2013-06 Facilitating belief change via computer-supported collaborative knowledge-building conference (863)
2013-06 Exploring the effect of online collaborative learning on students' scientific understanding conference (839)
2012 Critical aspects in learning with technologies conference (940)
2012 Enhancing students' understanding of what ideas are for knowledge building conference (848)
2011-07 Collaborative knowledge building for understanding science concepts conference (846)
2011 Students changing their conceptions of collaboration through computer-supported knowledge building conference (751)
2011 Enhancing the social and cognitive benefits of digital tools and media conference (617)
2011 Exploring college students perceptions of classroom learning in a knowledge building environment conference (725)
2010 Effects of knowledge building on elementary students' views of collaboration conference (811)
2010 Teacher-education students' views about knowledge building theory and practice conference (557)
2010 Design-based knowledge building practices in mathematics teaching conference (716)
2009-12 Effects of knowledge-building on teacher-education students' epistemological belief change conference (776)