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2021-07 Knowledge Building: Idea-Centered Drawing and Writing to Advance Community Knowledge article (48)
2021-04 國小學生進行知識翻新活動以集體共構達悟族大船文化知識 article (41)
2020-06 Advancing Third Graders' Reading Comprehension through Collaborative Knowledge Building: A Comparative Study in Taiwan article (64)
2019-12 Developing effective knowledge-building environments through constructivist teaching beliefs and technology-integration knowledge: A survey of middle-school teachers in northern Taiwan article (54)
2019-08 知識創新教育的研究心路歷程 article (107)
2019-08 Fostering college students’ design thinking capacity in a knowledge building environment article (107)
2018-12 Fostering design-oriented collective reflection among preservice teachers through principle-based knowledge building activities article (206)
2018-11 STEM Education in Asia Pacific: Challenges and Development. article (50)
2018-10 Integrated STEM Learning in an Idea-centered Knowledge-building Environment article (43)
2018-06 Elementary students enhancing their understanding of energy-saving through idea-centered collaborative knowledge-building scaffolds and activities article (298)
2018-06 Elementary Students Enhancing their Understanding of Energy-Saving through Collaborative Knowledge-Building Activities article (55)
2018 Fostering Students' Scientific Inquiry through Computer-Supported Collaborative Knowledge Building. article (139)
2017-12 Principle-based design: Development of adaptive mathematics teaching practices and beliefs in a knowledge building environment article (381)
2017-06 Fostering innovation-oriented cultural views among college students through knowledge-building pedagogy article (499)
2017-01 Two tales of time: Uncovering the significance of sequential patterns among contribution types in knowledge-building discourse article (349)
2017 Students’ conceptions of and approaches to knowledge building and its relationship to learning outcomes article (579)
2016-07 Exploring the development of college students' epistemic views during their knowledge building activities article (489)
2016-04 Schools as Knowledge Building Organizations: Thirty Years of Design Research article (615)
2016-04 Using knowledge building to foster conceptual change article (576)
2016-03 Understanding how students perceive the role of ideas for their knowledge work in a knowledge-building environment article (494)
2016-03 Fostering college students’ creative capacity through computer-supported knowledge building activities article (512)
2016 在不同模式的電腦支援協作學習環境下,師培生理解教學理論層次之差異—以Blackboard和Knowledge Forum為例 article (434)
2015-11 A survey to examine teachers’ perceptions of Design Dispositions, Lesson Design Practices and their relationships with Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) article (1262)
2015-11 Exploring the Relationships between Students' Online Interactive Activities and Their Views of the Nature of Scientific Theories article (818)
2015-11 Fostering sustained knowledge building among elementary students through principle-guided use of analytical tools article (727)