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2012.02 The internal/external frame of reference model, big-fish-little-pond effect, and combined model for mathematics and science article (991) 54 53
2008-06 Achievements and self-concepts in a comparison of math and science: Exploring the internal/external frame of reference model across 28 countries article (1460) 30 無資料
2009.02 Approaches to the teaching of creative and non-creative mathematical problems article (1168) 25 24
2012.07 Gaps between valuing and purchasing green-technology products: Product and gender differences article (1184) 18 無資料
2012.02 Identification and assessment of Taiwanese children’s conceptions of learning mathematics article (1208) 16 11
2011.03 Taiwanese Teachers’ Implementation of a New ‘Constructivist Mathematics Curriculum’: How Cognitive and Affective Issues are Addressed article (738) 15 14
2012.06 Differential psychological processes underlying the skill-development model and self-enhancement model across mathematics and science in 28 countries article (966) 8 6
2013.04 Tensions in implementing the 'energy-conservation/carbon-reduction' policy in Taiwanese culture article (1170) 7 6
2010-08 Effects of science interest and environmental responsibility on science aspiration and achievement: Gender differences and cultural supports article (694) 5 無資料
2004 Patterns of children’s emotional responses to mathematical problem-solving article (671) 5 無資料
2016-12 The Challenge of Learning Physics Before Mathematics: A Case Study of Curriculum Change in Taiwan article (285) 4 1
2018-09 Effects of early numeracy activities on mathematics achievement and affect: Parental value and child gender conditions and socioeconomic status mediation article (345) 4 無資料
2019-05 Exploring models for increasing the effects of school information and communication technology use on learning outcomes through outside-school use and socioeconomic status mediation: The Ecological Techno-Process. article (41) 4 4
2015-06 Creative behaviours in mathematics: Relationships with abilities, demographics, affects and gifted behaviours article (571) 3 1
2017-12 Equality or quality? Using within-school ranks to admit disadvantaged medical students article (263) 1 無資料
2014-09 Student constructs of mathematical problems: Problem types, achievement and gender article (973) 1 無資料
2020-08 Gender differences in predicting STEM choice by affective states and behaviors in online mathematical problem solving: Positive-affect-to-success hypothesis article (31) 1 無資料
2019-09 An ecological approach to adolescent mathematics ability development: Differences in demographics, parenting, mathematics teaching, and student behaviors and emotions article (60) 0 無資料
2020-09 Gender differences in effects of father/mother parenting on mathematics achievement growth: A Bioecological model of human development article (43) 0 無資料
2014-11 Public constructs of energy values and behaviors in implementing Taiwan’s ‘energy-conservation/carbon-reduction’ declarations article (1043) 0 無資料