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2014-10 Automatic recipe cuisine classification by ingredients conference (983)
2014-01 Recognizing live fish species by hierarchical partial classification based on the exponential benefit conference (260)
2013-12 X2-Search: Contextual expert search in social networks conference (938)
2013-12 VizStory: Visualization of digital narrative for fairy tales conference (779)
2013-09 Popularity Prediction of Social Multimedia Based on Concept Drift conference (472)
2013-07 Background music recommendation for video based on multimodal latent semantic analysis conference (905)
2013 MediaEval 2013: Soundtrack selection for commercials based on content correlation modeling conference (188)
2012 Hidden trends in 90 years of Harvard Business Review conference (959)
2012 Influence propagation and maximization for heterogeneous social networks conference (633)
2012 Regional subgraph discovery in social networks conference (575)
2012 Dynamic selection of activation targets to boost the influence spread in social networks conference (851)
2012 Finding influential seed successors in social networks conference (712)
2012 Composing activity groups in social networks conference (737)
2012 Intelligent menu planning: Recommending set of recipes by ingredients conference (647)
2011-12 互動感知體驗設計之健康照護提醒裝置 conference
2011-07 Exploiting endorsement information and social influence for item recommendation conference (459)
2011 Context-based people search in labeled social networks conference (495)
2011 Labeled influence maximization in social networks for target marketing conference (836)
2011 Finding influential mediators in social networks conference (612)
2009-12 Discovering political tendency in bulletin board discussions by social community analysis conference (637)
2008-11 由史料中探勘社會網絡:以乾隆時期為例 conference (1899)
2007-09 Emotion-based Impressionism Slideshow with Automatic Music Accompaniment conference (1264)
2007 Mining temporal co-orientation pattern from spatio-temporal databases conference (506)
2006-10 Efficient Maintenance and Mining of Frequent Itemsets over Online Data Streams with a Sliding Window conference (916)
2006-09 Comparative Analysis of Exon Skipping Patterns in Human and Mouse conference