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2018-11 A Cross-Domain Recommendation Mechanism for Cold-Start Users Based on Partial Least Squares Regression article (213)
2016-04 Exploiting Concept Drift to Predict Popularity of Social Multimedia in Microblogs article (226)
2015 Automatic Generation of Visual Story for Fairy Tales with Digital Narrative article (403)
2012.04 Exploring Heterogeneous Information Networks and Random Walk with Restart for Academic Search article (986)
2012.01 Towards an Automatic Music Arrangement Framework Using Score Reduction article (1037)
2010.08 Algorithms for Discovery of Spatial Co-orientation Patterns from Images article (1034)
2010.01 Algorithmic Compositions Based on Discovered Musical Patterns article (1155)
2010 Team Formation for Generalized Tasks in Expertise Social Networks article (764)
2009-05 Emotion-based music recommendation by affinity discovery from film music article (661)
2009 Discovering Color Styles from Fine Art Images of Impressionism article (498)
2009 Mining polyphonic repeating patterns from music data using bit-string based approaches article (594)
2009 Automatic System for the Arrangement of Piano Reductions article (966)
2008-03 Relevance feedback for category search in music retrieval based on semantic concept learning article (1478)
2008-01 DSM-FI: An efficient algorithm for mining frequent itemsets in data streams article (2665)
2007 Mining Temporal Co-orientation Pattern from Spatio-temporal Databases article (626)
2007 Emotion-based impressionism slideshow with automatic music accompaniment article (429)
2006-06 DSM-PLW: Single-pass mining of path traversal patterns over streaming web click-sequences article (1751)
2006 DSM-PLW: Single-pass mining of path traversal patterns over streaming Web click-sequences article (556)
2005-11 Online Mining Maximal Frequent Structures in Continuous Landmark Melody Streams article (1873)
2005-08 Online Mining Changes of Items over Continuous Append-only and Dynamic Data Streams article (1126)
2005-05 Some Optimal Parallel Algorithms on Interval and Circular-Arc Graphs article (1274)
2004-12 選擇性接合資料庫中表現序列跳接的容錯樣式探勘 article
2003-08 Parallel Algorithms for Finding the Center of Interval and Circular-Arc Graphs article (1414)
2003-08 Music Style Mining and Classification by Melody article (2295)
2002 Parallel algorithms for connected domination problem on interval and circular-arc graphs. article (175)