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2010-12 辨墨辯 conference
2010-07 Conceptualism, objectivity and false experience conference
2010-03 通識教育改革的理念與實踐 conference
2009-10 Experience outruns empirical belief but remains conceptual conference (1694)
2008-03 Openness and the Social Initiation into the Space of Reasons (with H.Y. Cheng) conference
2008-03 No Communal and First-Person Errors: A Critique of Brandom’s Objectivity Proof conference
2007-05 基因與決定論 conference
2006-10 《思想、語言、社會、世界-戴維森的詮釋理論》(註:作者面對面場次) conference
2005-09 Xunzi as a Semantic Inferentialist conference
2004-10 Illusion and through conceptualness of false experience conference
2003-12 三種知識的協進 conference
2003-12 The Shaping of a Self: What McDowell's Mind and World Has to Do with His Conception of Self conference
2002-12 A Shaping of the Intellect: McDowell's Self in Mind and World conference
2002-12 Triangulation: World Society and Meaning Normativity conference
2002-09 External vs. Internal Interpreters conference
2002-03 Davidson on Objectivity conference
2002-01 Davidson's Triangulation and the Normativity of Meaning conference
2001-08 On Brandom's Objectivity Proofs conference
2001-05 言不正則名不正 -- 論荀子正名思想 conference
2000-12 Quine的語意窘境 conference (2634)
2000-06 維根斯坦、科學解釋和宗教 conference