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2019-07 The “need” and the “experience” of self-determination: Their effects on mastery experience in a creativity game-based learning conference
2019-07 The interaction effects of achievement goals and emotions on insight-problem solving conference
2018-03 The dynamic connectivity of neural networks in value-based creativity conference
2018-03 The mediation effect of mindful learning during creativity game-based learning conference
2017-06 Employing game-based learning to improve pupils' creativity conference (27)
2012-12 應用資料探勘於創造力學習系統 conference (326)
2011-01 Metaphor-based alliance partners recommendation for unique and attractive destination image building conference (685)
2009-04 創造力自我提昇策略 conference
2009 「青少年復原力量表」之發展 conference (734)
2008-12 批判思考教學:理論與教學設計 conference
2008-10 閱讀環境、玩興、父母創意教養與國小中、高年級學童科技創造力之關係 conference
2008-10 以眼動儀探討知覺注意廣度與創造力之關係 conference
2008-06 When Collaborative PBL Meets blended learning: Can It Improve Critical-Thinking? conference
2008-06 Analysis of Online Behaviors and Online Roles conference
2007-10 研究生學術動機歷程模式之建構 conference
2006-10 「情境科技創造力測驗」之發展 conference
2006-10 國中教師人口變項、玩興、教學動機、快樂感受與創意教學之關係 conference
2006-10 網路學習社群的形成歷程、角色與類型 conference
2006-01 The Effects of Integrating E-learning into the Direct-instruction Model conference
2006-01 泥娃娃秘密基地的開發:以「創作性戲劇」提升人際智能與情緒調節能力 conference
2005-11 「幼兒創造力測驗」之發展 conference
2005-11 「幼兒多元智慧量表」之發展 conference (5256)
2005-08 Age Creative Drama Instruction Emotional Regulation Temperament and Preschoolers' Creativity conference
2005-08 Cognitive Processes and Influential Factors of Pupils' Technological Creation conference
2005-05 創意發展:影響因素與教學策略 conference