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2020-12 政黨偏好與經濟評估:2016 vs. 2020 conference (16)
2020-09 Public Policy Preferences Revealed in Referendum Voting conference (37)
2020-01 Actual and Perceived Polarization on Independence-Unification Views in Taiwan conference (18)
2019-05 Empirical Studies of Strategic Voting: An EITM Perspective conference
2018-01 面訪抽樣準實驗:TEDS2017戶籍與地址抽樣之樣本比較 conference
2013-03 Asian Election Studies: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Heading? conference
2012-12 類別依變數的迴歸分析:個體數據之類別分析基本模型 conference
2012-09 Electoral Cycles, Concurrent Elections and Voter Turnout conference
2012-04 Inter-Party Competition: Consequences of MMM on Party Systems in Taiwan and Japan conference
2012-02 Knowledge of the Electoral System and Voting Behavior conference
2011-11 三合一選舉中之一致與分裂投票:以2010年高雄市選舉為例 conference
2011-09 Political Consequences of the MMM Electoral Systems in Taiwan and Japan conference (1009)
2011-06 滾動式橫斷面調查的理論與應用 conference
2011-06 Citizens' Awareness of the New MMM Electoral System in Taiwan: A Cohort Analysis conference
2011-05 Forgetful Voters and Remindful Politicians: Political Cycle of Voters' Knowledge of the New Electoral System in Taiwan conference
2010-12 並立式混合選制下之兩票連動:日本眾議員選舉政黨重複提名策略之效應分析 conference
2010-11 候選人重複提名對自民黨的影響:日本眾院選舉之分析(1996-2005年) conference
2010-10-30 政治課責與投票抉擇:2009年雲林縣縣長及鄉鎮市長選舉之分析 conference (2195)
2010-09 Who Wants Checks and Balances? Endogeneity of the Balancing Perspective conference
2010-05 Testing the Interaction between Economic Evaluations and Political Knowledge: A Case Study of Taiwan, Japan, and Great Britain conference
2010-05 Differences in the MMM Systems and Their Consequences: The Cases of Taiwan and Japan conference
2010-03 Straight- and Split-Ticket Voting under the MMM Electoral System: the Case of Taiwan conference
2009-11 執政黨資源分配的邏輯:2001-2008年的補助款分析 conference (827)
2009-09 Vote Choices under the SNTV and MMM Electoral Systems: A Panel Study of Taiwan's 2004 and 2008 Legislative Elections conference
2009-05 立委選舉對總統選舉的影響:鐘擺效應?西瓜效應? conference