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2020-10 Gothic Dream and Space: Indeterminacy in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Celestial Railroad" conference (10)
2019-06 醫療文化中心主義的對抗與悲劇:論安·法第曼的非小說《黎亞:從醫病衝突到跨文化誤解的傷害》 conference (53)
2018-01 China and the United States in the South China Sea: Taiwan's Role conference
2017-07 Taiwan in Trump's Perspective: A Bargaining Chip? article (299)
2008-11 Still Rivals? The Case of Divided Korea and China conference
2008-09 Lee Myong-bak's Foreign Policy: Searching for Globalism and Pragmatism conference
2008-04 Energy Security in the Contemporary East Asian Strategic Relations conference
2005-07 韓戰前後的美國對華政策 conference (7237)
2005-06 中國崛起與朝鮮半島安全 conference
2004-06 中共國家安全設想與對發展中國家外交 conference
2001-12 東北亞軍事信心建立措施:經驗與前瞻 conference
2000-12 北韓改革開放政策:經驗與限制 conference
1998-12 Partner Relations with the East and the West: PRC's Strategy and the Impacts on the Cross- Taiwan Strait Relations conference
1998-12 北韓對外開放之嘗試與限制 conference
1997-11 Envision a Growing Taiwan-Canada Relations toward 21st Century conference
1997-07 南韓經濟現代化與全球化:經驗與前瞻 conference
1996-10 Searching for Peace and Cooperation in Asia-Pacific: View from Taipei conference
1996-08 Korea-Taiwan Cooperation for Building Peace and Order in Asia conference
1996-07 中韓文化社會及教育發展的探索與合作 conference
1996-04 金正日接班前景與北韓政局 conference
1996-01 An Outlook for Conciliatory Cultural Contacts: The Asian-Pacific Way of Thinking conference
1995-06 後冷戰時期中共對東南亞之研究與教學 conference
1994-05 世界新秩序下中共對東協之外交政策 conference
1991-12 Growing Canada-ROC Ties: The Implication for the Asia Pacific Region conference