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2018-12 租稅規避與稅務風險之關聯性 conference (53)
2018-12 租稅確定性與企業股利政策:以臺灣上市櫃公司為例 conference (37)
2017-12 研發扣抵與兩稅合一之政策效果 ‒ 以台灣與OECD國家比較 conference (61)
2017-08 Do non-profit hospitals change the expense shift when faced with law amendment?- Implicit tax-motivated expense shifting conference (252)
2016-11 Tax Motivated Expense Shifting and Determinants by Nonprofit Hospitals conference (54)
2016-09 企業策略、企業社會責任報告與租稅規避之關聯性 conference (2686)
2015-11 Tax-Motivated Expense Shifting by Not-for-profit Hospitals conference (180)
2015-08 臺灣政府預算制度之特色 conference (2221)
2014-10 臺灣縣市政府現金持有之影響因素 conference (854)
2014-04 Do Non-profit Hospitals Change the Provision of Community Benefit conference (200)
2013-11 The Relationship of “Tax-Exemption” and “Community Benefit Service” of Not-for-Profit Hospitals. conference (183)
2012-11 The Association of Board Structure and Composition with Nonprofit Hospitals’ Donation Revenues conference (239)
2008-03 Evaluating Board Governance of Public Service Pension in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Supervisory Board of Public Service Pension Fund conference
2007-11 Financial performance index for not-for-profit hospitals conference
2007-11 Determinants of voluntary financial report disclosure by not-for-profit medical institutions conference
2006-11 非營利醫院之治理機制與社區公益活動 conference
2006-03 Board Composition and Community Benefit Expenditures of Nonprofit Hospitals conference
2006-03 The Relationship between the Financial Performance of Government Trust Fund, Flexible Financing Scheme, Discretion, and Political Party: A Study of U.S. Unemployment Insurance Fund conference
2006-03 台灣地區公立與私立大學校院效率差異之研究:調整學門發展特色與殘差項之資料包絡法應用 conference
2005-12 政府信託基金之財務績效與彈性財務、行政裁量與政黨之關聯性研究:以美國失業保險基金為例 conference
2005-06 台灣地區公立與私立大學校院效率差異之研究:調整學門發展特色與殘差項之資料包絡法應用 conference
2005-03 The Effect of Political Pressure on the management of Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund conference
2005-03 Relative Efficiencies of Public and Private Institutions of Learning in Taiwan: Accounting for Organizational characteristics Effects and Statistical Noise in Data Envelopment Analysis conference
2004-10 台灣地區公立與私立大學校院效率差異之研究:調整組織特性與殘差項之資料包絡法應用 conference
2004-03 The Effect of Legislative Structure and Political Parties in the State: Evidence from State Fiscal Policy conference