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2019-10 An Econometric Analysis of Hispanic Migration in the United States article (20)
2017-01 中國經濟轉型升級的內生成長途徑 article (476)
2016-07 A New Direction in Environmental Economics article (443)
2016-07 Environmental Sustainability and the Greened Samuelson Rule article (427)
2016-01 Environmental Sustainability and the Greened Samuelson Rule article (393)
2015-11 A circular economy model of economic growth article (664)
2015-10 Institutional Fundraising: An Analysis of Taiwan's Religious Enterprises article (561)
2015-01 Institutional Fundraising: An Analysis of Taiwan’s Religious Enterprises article (996)
2015 A Circular Economy Model of Economic Growth article (565)
2008-09 More Government or Less Government? Further Thoughts for Promoting the Government article (35)
2007-07 A New Vision of the Knowledge Economy article (1212)
2006-11 A Sustainable Perspective on the Knowledge Economy: A Critique of Austrian and Mainstream Views article (1035)
2005-01 China's Future and Taiwan's Past: An Institutional Perspective article (1229)
2002-05 On the Level of Persistence in Government Size: Time-Series Evidence and Implications for the US article (1272)
2001-06 臺灣經濟體系中之「官商合一」制度的影響範疇 article (1279)
2000-12 探究制度變遷的重要性 - 以租稅邊際超額負擔為例 article (1094)
2000-06 Structural' Wagner's Law and Institutional Dynamics: An Evolutionary Perspective article (955)
1997-08 The Trade Balance and the Real Exchange Rate: The US Evidence from 1973:3 to 1994:9 article (1231)
1996 Empirical Analysis of the Size and Growth of Government: Wagner's Law and Beyond article (735)
1995.12 More Evidence on Wagner's Law for Mexico article (1013)