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2019-05 臺灣各鄉鎮數位發展分類研究:集群分析與潛在全象分析的啟發 conference
2019-04 An Evaluation of Motivations and Perceived Impacts of Open Government Data conference (105)
2018-10 A User Approach to Open Government Data Impact Assessment conference (77)
2017-03 A Longitudinal research of public value and electronic governance development in Taiwan conference (450)
2016-11 A theoretical framework for evaluating government open data platform conference (294)
2014-01 A study of establishing evaluation indices for open government data conference (680)
2014 Open public sector information: Establishment of public-value oriented performance evaluation indicators conference (359)
2013 A prospective survey on future e-Governance research directions conference (163)
2013 A comparative study of campaign and non-campaign facebook strategies: The case of Taiwan's legislators conference (158)
2011-05 政府對身心障礙者(G2D)的電子治理成效評估 conference (578)
2011 ICT-enabled business process re-engineering: International comparison conference (1093)
2011 Measuring performance of eGovernment to the disabled: Theory and practice in Taiwan conference (781)
2009-09 An integrated model for business process re-engineering conference (867)
2009 Knowledge management performance: The development of an integrated model conference (900)
2008-12 The Impacts of Internal Marketing and Service on Customer Satisfaction in E-Government Services conference
2008-10 Exploring internal and external service chains of electronic government services conference
2008-09 Understanding knowledge management and corporate performance: Test of an integrated model conference
2008-09 The contribution of information technologies and information activities to the economic growth conference
2008 Exploring internal and external service chains of electronic government services conference (1232)
2007 資訊經濟成長估計與跨國比較 conference
2007 以創新擴散模式探討政府推動RFID應用政策對早期採用者之影響 conference
2007 A survey of business information technology in Taiwan conference
2007 Examining the appropriateness of fuzzy AHP exponential scales for uncertain expert judgments in government-sponsored R&D project selection conference