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2018-12 運用實價登錄資料持續推動基準地地價制度 conference
2016-10 Economic resource relational network access in web-based graphical user interfaces conference (783)
2016-10 Digital heritage inventory using open source geospatial software conference (545)
2016-10 Workings of Asia-Pacific spatiotemporal research: An international institute in Taiwan conference (823)
2015-10 Visualization of open data: A case study of climate data conference (249)
2015-10 Agricultural land use change analysis: A study of Taiwan Area conference (604)
2015-10 Analyzing vegetation phenology in Yilan using multisource remote sensing images conference (514)
2013 Object-oriented classification for extracting landslides from DMC aerial images conference (335)
2012 Application of WEB-GIS and VGI FOR community resources inventory conference (1090)
2011-10 Establishing 3D virtual campus using open source software conference (767)
2011-10 Assessment of 3D population distribuion under traffic impacts using GIS and fine-resolution DTMS conference (1133)
2011 Comparison of Google maps API and openlayers for WebGIS development conference (710)
2011 Shoreline change detection using multitemporal remote sensing images conference (620)
2011 Application of Public Participation Geographic Information System in ecotourism development for local community conference (1001)
2009 Monitoring i-lan coastal zone using multi-temporal Formosat-2 images conference (971)
2008-09 以地面光達重建古蹟之研究-以舊大雪山製材廠為例 conference
2007-11 Grid Leveling Using a Ground-Based Laser Scanner conference
2007-11 Building an Open Source WebGIS for Forest Dynamics Plots conference
2007-09 福山長期森林動態樣區WebGIS之建置 conference
2006-12 網格解析度與流向演算法對蓮華池集水區地形指標之影響 conference
2006-01 地面光達建置校園三維模型之研究 conference
2006-01 Modelling Forest Canopy Using Airborne LIDAR Data conference (1982)
2006 地面光達導線輔助室內三維模型建置之研究 conference
2006 不同流向演算法對數值地形模型河川萃取之影響 conference
2005 利用地面LIDAR資料建立三維建物模型 conference