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2015-10 Generation of digital surface temperature model from thermal images collected by thermal sensor on quadcopter UAV conference (490)
2013-10 Automatic recognition of traffic signs from vehicle-borne images conference (822)
2013-10 Unordered multiple image matching by using descriptor clustering conference (874)
2013-10 Feasibility study of VBS-RTK GPS supportedaerial triangulation for UAV images using control entities as control points conference (899)
2012 The accuracy influence of different camera calibration conditions to bundle adjsutment of closerange images conference (1533)
2012 VRS GPS supported bundle adjustment with self-calibration for unmanned aerial vehicle images conference (933)
2012 Road surface modeling from vehicle-borne point cloud by profile analysis conference (685)
2012 Improved sift algorithm to match points in the texture region image conference (775)
2012 Automatic bundle adjustment of thermal infrared images conference (975)
2011 Integrating SIFT and Harris corner detector for definite keypoint extraction for image matching conference (554)
2011 Using iterative weighting to fit the circular parameters of vertical cylinder in point clouds conference (769)
2007 An algorithm to automatically extract the roof points from airborne LIDAR data conference (1059)
2006 An algorithm to extract 3-D building roof points from airborne LIDAR data conference (1166)
2005-09 由光達點雲資料萃取建物屋頂面資訊 conference
2005-09 由光達點雲資料進行點、線、面特徵分類之研究 conference
2005 Automatic extraction of 3-D building roofs by data snooping from airborne LIDAR data conference (825)
2004-09 整合建物平面資訊和數值覆面模型自動建構建物三維模型 conference
2004-01 應用航照影像建置控制實體資料庫之研究 conference
2003-09 利用航照影像建置控制實體資料庫 conference
2002-09 航照影像控制實體建制與自動量測之可行性探討 conference